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Anti – Plagiarism Policy of JNAFAU

The University has UG, PG and Ph.D. programs. In the final semesters, both UG and PG students have to work on a dissertation/thesis project. Usually the work involves data collection and extensive research review before submitting their proposal and report. For establishing the originality of the submitted manuscripts the University
and promote academic integrity in lines with UGC (Promotion of Academic integrity and prevention of plagiarism in HEI) Regulations, 2018 has proposed the following Anti Plagiarism policy:

  • The Research and Development Cell would purchase appropriate online software prescribed by the U.G.C/INFLIBINET and implement so as to ensure that documents such as thesis, dissertation, term papers, reports, publications or any other such documents are free of plagiarism at the time of their submission.
  • Every student submitting a thesis, dissertation, technical papers or any other such documents to the supervisor/guide shall submit an undertaking indicating that the document has been prepared by him or her and that the document is his/her original work and free of any plagiarism.
  • The U.G./P.G. student is encouraged to use the University plagiarism software to know the originality of the Manuscript/Article/Research Report before submission for evaluation.
  • The Ph.D. scholar can submit the final thesis reports only after establishing that the plagiarism check is performed with the University Plagiarism Software and the plagiarism is within the acceptable percentage as per UGC norms.
  • The faculty and students who have conducted research through University grants shall submit all technical papers, reports or any other such documents to the Research and Development Cell for plagiarism check before publishing/presenting the work.
  • Each Supervisor/Guide/Mentor shall submit a certificate indicating that the work done by the researcher under him/her is plagiarism free.
  • The work carried out by the faculty and students shall be based on original ideas and shall be covered by Zero Tolerance Policy on Plagiarism. In case Plagiarism is established in the core work claimed then Research and
    Development Cell of the University shall suggest for revision of work until it gets plagiarism free. The core work shall include abstract, summary, hypothesis, observations, results, conclusions and recommendations.
  • Penalties for faculty, staff or researcher will be implemented according to the severity of plagiarism and as per the UGC guidelines.
  • The University will conduct training programs to create awareness on responsible conduct of research, maintaining academic integrity and deterrence from plagiarism.
  • Train Researcher and Staff about usage of the plagiarism software.
  • Include code of research ethics in the syllabus of P.G. and Ph. D programmes.


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