English Coaching: For all the courses in the University, the medium of instruction is English. It is mandatory for the student to pass English Proficiency Test within one year from the date of admission into the University. Following students are exempted from English Proficiency Test:

  • Students from English speaking countries.
  • Students who have passed the qualifying examination with English as medium of instruction (Certificate need to be enclosed).
  • Students who have passed ELICS, IELTS, TOEFL course with minimum B+ grade.

Special English coaching, if desired, will be given to students coming from non-English medium, by the English Language Training Center, at each of the colleges where the student is admitted on payment basis.

Accommodation: There is no hostel accommodation on campus for International students (for Boys and Girls). However, the International Students Cell will help students in finding suitable accommodation in private houses/hostels. Rents for the off-campus private housing vary, depending upon the locality and facilities available therein on separate payment basis.

Financial Aid/Assistance: University doesn’t have any provision for scholarships to International Students. However, the Government of India grants some scholarships under various schemes and students are advised to contact the nearest Indian Embassy for necessary information about them. They may also peruse the UNESCO Handbook for Study Abroad that lists some scholarships and the addresses to which applications should be mailed.

They can also apply to the ‘Director, Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ISD Section), I.P Estate, New Delhi, 110 002, INDIA’, for possible award of scholarship.

Part-time Employment: The University rules do not permit any international student to take up any job part-­time or full-time, while being on rolls as a regular student. Detained students, however, can take up some part-time job to sustain their stay with the concurrent permission from the University and the Police Commissioner. For continuing in the job, the student is not supposed to discontinue studies.

Indian Customs: Indian customs and practices are different from those of other countries in many respects and international students are expected to respect them.

Academic Year: University academic year starts as per the academic year framed by the University.

Examinations and Holidays: Annual examinations for year-wise programmes are held in the month of April every academic year. The semester examinations are held twice a year, for the odd-semester in November and for the even-semesters in April. Students have first-term holidays in January and summer vacation in May.

Take a Tour of JNAFAU Campus

The Main Campus of the University is centrally located in the city. It accommodates the Administration as well as the two Constituent Colleges viz. College of Fine Arts and School of Planning & Architecture. The Departments with the studios, drawing halls, laboratories and well-equipped library along with landscaped areas create an academic environment. In addition, the Hostel Campus is located at Abids Road.