Advanced UX Certification Program in collaboration with Designguru

Advanced UX Certification Program in collaboration with Designguru

JNAFAU in association with DESIGNGURU introducing first of its kind Advanced UX Certification Program for students and working professions.

Design thinking trainings aim to equip participants with the skills necessary to approach problem-solving in a creative and innovative way. By focusing on the user experience and empathizing with their needs, students/participants will learn how to design products and services that meet user needs and exceed their expectations.

At its core, design thinking is a human-centered approach to problem-solving that emphasizes collaboration, iteration, and experimentation.

Through a series of hands-on exercises, students/participants will learn how to define problems, ideate solutions, and prototype and test their ideas. Ultimately, the goal of design thinking training is to create solutions that are both functional and delightful, and that resonate with users on an emotional level.

Objective of the course is to make students Industry ready and crack the Interview.



  1. Duration: 3 Months – On Weekends,

Saturday (7-10 pm – Online Mode).

Sundays 10-1 pm, Offline, JNAFAU Campus

  1. Mode: Online/Offline/College premises (Hybrid)
  2. Intake: 50 Students / batch (From JNAFAU, Affiliated Colleges , Others)
    Note: Out of 50 intake, 10 students shall be from the campus (Quota).
    Filled on the basis of first cum first serve.
  3. Fee Structure:

External Participants: Rs. 29,000 + GST (if applicable)

Internal Campus Students: Rs. 15,000

S. No Course Structure
1 1. UX/Industry Overview – What is UX and Scope of UX in IT Industry, Latest trends.
2 Design Thinking – Problem Identification, Building Investigative Mindset.
3 User Centered Design Process – How to empathize with the user – Research, Analysis, Design, Test, and Iterate.
4 Design Systems
5 Principles of Design – Principles embedded in product design that makes work
6 Systems Thinking – How to see the larger picture and think about the solution
7 Service Design – Introduction
8 UX Strategy
9 Story Boarding – Importance of sketching in UX.
10 Bio-mimicry – Teaching the tools and principles of bio mimicry, a new way of creating sustainable designs that emulates nature’s best ideas in order to solve human design challenges
11 Assignments – We will train the students with Real-Time examples in UX with weekly Assignments, along with Mini Project and Final Project and provide the required UX Tool Kit.

Project – Student will come up with the final project by following the UX Process.


13 Portfolio – Will train the students in coming up with the Industry standard Portfolio, which they can showcase it during placements.
14 Interview Tips – Mock Interviews – Will train the students, on interview tips, how to approach the design test, and expectations from the Industry.
15 Assessment Report – We will maintain the track record of each student throughout the course, will identify strengths and Weakness of the student and publish the report to student, so that they know where they stand and work on the improvements.
16 Agile Methodologies – How to work in Agile environment
17 Email / Corporate communication – How to adhere to the process of IT Industry
18 Introduction to Prototyping Tools

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Mobile: 9908420890