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Masab Tank, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.
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  • College of Fine Arts Hyderabad, PG Courses Offered: MFA( Applied Art), MFA ( Painting), MFA ( Sculpture), MFA (Photography).
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“FACILITIES & SERVICE PLANNING (FSP) is an interdisciplinary engineering discipline that offers a general engineering approach to the planning, design, construction, operation, renovation
and maintenance of buildings, as well as with their impacts on the surrounding environment.”
Jawaharlal Nehru
The Genesis :

What is Building Services?

  • Imagine yourself in the most fabulous building in the world. Now take away the lighting, heating and ventilation, the lifts and escalators, acoustics, plumbing, power supply and energy management systems, the security and safety systems...and you are left with a cold, dark, uninhabitable shell.
  • Everything inside a building which makes it safe and comfortable to be in comes under the title of 'Building Services'. A building must do what it was designed to do - not just provide shelter but also be an environment where people can live, work and achieve.
  • What BSE is about?

  • It is about designing, installing & servicing everything that is needed to make buildings comfortable, safe & convenient
  • It is an engineering stream concerning with the design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of mechanical and electrical services in buildings
  • BSE is multidisciplinary by nature!
  • Building services engineers are responsible for ensuring the cost-effective, environmentally sound and sustainable design and maintenance of engineering services in buildings. With the current emphasis on sustainability, building services engineers are at the cutting-edge of designing, developing and managing new technologies that integrate into existing systems and services.


  • Building & construction industry is an important sector in every society and it shapes the built environment in which we live
  • Building services installations are essential provisions for every building and could account for 20-40% of total building cost
  • BSE affects people's comfort, health & productivity
  • BSE influences the building's performance, local & global environment (e.g. energy, water resources & air pollution)

    This degree gives the student a widen professional options. In terms of securing employment, both public and private sectors offers a range of jobs graduates can work as technical engineers in the fields of

    1. HVAC Engineer
    2. Plumbing Engineer
    3. Electrical Engineer
    4. BIM Engineer
    5. Fire Engineer
    6. MEP Engineer
    7. MEP coordinator
    8. Energy Analyst
    9. Facility manager/Maintenance Engineer
    10. Site Engineer for Services.
    11. Safety Site Officer
    12. MEP Modeler
    13. Green Building Designer
School of Planning and Architecture
School of Planning and Architecture
School of Planning and Architecture
School of Planning and Architecture
School of Planning and Architecture
School of Planning and Architecture