Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University
(Established under Andhra Pradesh Legislature Act No. 31of 2008)
Masab Tank, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.
JNAFAU College of Fine Arts
The Department of Painting & Visual Communication,

(i) Offers a 4 year degree programme leading to a Bachelor of Fine Arts,in Painting & Visual Communication.

The annual intake is 20. The academic programme consists of 4 years with a 1 year common foundation course in the basics of art, the remaining six semesters are devoted to professional training. The programme concentrates on the development of basic skills In drawing, colour design, and adequate knowledge of the history of arts and Aesthetics. The course is designed to prepare students through intense theoretical input and practical training to develop their intuitive abilities. The students acquire the understanding of creative use of drawing, oil colour, watercolour, tempera and other media of Painting. They learn the elements of figurative and non-figurative composition. They develop competence in landscape painting, life study, portraiture and mural design in traditional and nontraditional media. The students also get acquainted with various technical processes of print making such as Etching, lithography and wood-cut. At the end of 4th year, students submit a single concept dissertation. The students gain sufficient expertise to apply their skills in related fields of art and craft, such as textile design, interior decoration, creative crafts, book illustration and other areas of design application.

    red bullet   Drawing and Painting
    red bullet   Life Study
    red bullet   Composition
    red bullet   Still Life Painting
    red bullet   Landscape Painting
    red bullet   Portraiture
    red bullet   Mural Painting
    red bullet   Print making
    red bullet   Etching and Lithography
    red bullet   History of Arts
    red bullet   Indian and Western Aesthetics

(ii) Also offers a 2 years Master of Fine Arts (Painting & Visual Communication) Programme consisting of 4 Semesters.
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