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Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University
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(Established Under A.P. Legislature Act. No. 31of 2008)
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Ph.d Eligibility Entrance Test (PEET) is proposed to be held in the month of April 2013 (actual date will be notified later). The entrance test pattern is as follows:

Scheme and Syllabus:
The test shall consist of the requirement of proficiency and skill in ‘Research Aptitude’, ‘English Language Skills and Basic Computer Skills’ and the ‘Knowledge of the Concerned Subject’. The syllabus of Research Aptitude, and Basic English language and computer skills has been mentioned in this document. The syllabus of Post Graduation shall be the course content for ‘Knowledge of the subject of specialization’.

Paper Style of Written Test:
The ‘Entrance Test’ shall consist of three sections i.e. Section-I (Research Aptitude), Section-II (English Language and basic Computer skills) and Section III (Knowledge of the Subject of Specialization). All the questions will be asked in the form of multiple choice types of questions.

Distribution of marks:
Section -I
(i) Research Aptitude: 50 Marks

(ii) English Language & Basic Computer skills: 50 Marks

(iii) Knowledge of the subject of specialization: 50 Marks

Total Marks: 150

Duration of examination:
Time of written test would be three for (3) Hours or 180 Minutes

Marking scheme:
1. Each question carries one mark. There is a negative marking of 1/4th marks for incorrect answers.

2. 2. The qualifying marks at the Ph.D entrance test will be 50 % for general and backward class candidates, 45 % for PH candidates and 40 % for SC/ST candidates.

'Entrance Test' shall be conducted with the multiple choice type of questions. A Candidate shall be provided with one common answer sheet to answer the questions of all the sections. A candidate shall be required to submit both the booklet & answer sheet back to the invigilator in the examination hall after the stipulated time. Otherwise, his/her candidature for the examination will stand cancelled automatically.

Syllabus for Ph.D. Eligibility Test:2012-13
The test aims at examining the aptitude of a candidate and suitability to do research. Hence the following syllabus is proposed for the test.

Section –I
Research Aptitude:
a) English Language
b) Basic Computer skills

Knowledge of the subject of specialization (According to the Masters syllabus in JNAFA University). Each candidate has to choose any one subject based on their proposed area of research.

•Applied Art
• Construction Management
•Environmental Design
•Housing and Habitat Studies
•Interior Design
•Urban & Regional Planning

Sample questions in Research Aptitude, English Language and Basic Computer Skills

Research Aptitude:
Which number sequence of the following represents a correct sequence from small to big?
1. Mansion     2.Bunglow     3.Flat     4.Palace     5.House     6.Cottage
   a)3,5,6,2,1,4      b)3,6,5,2,1,4          c)6,3,5,2,1,4     d)6,5,3,2,1,4

2. Arrange the given words in a meaningful sequence and choose the appropriate one.
     1. Building         2.Money         3.Site         4.Rent         5.Plan
    a)2,1,3,5,4         b)5,3,2,1,4       c)3,5,2,1,4       d)2,3,5,1,4

3). For the Assertion (A) and Reason (R), choose the correct alternative from the following?
A: Andhra Pradesh is the "Rice Bowl" of south India.

R: Andhra Pradesh is the leading producer of Rice.
a) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.
b) Both A and R are true but R is not correct explanation of A.
c) A is true but R is false.
d) Both A and R are false.

4) Statement: The economic prosperity of any nation is dependent on the quality of its human resources.
Assumptions: I. Achieving economic prosperity is a cherished goal of every nation.
II. It is possible to measure the quality of human resources of a nation.

Choose one among options?
a) Only I is implicit.            b) Only II is implicit. c) Either I or II is implicit.            d) Both I and II are implicit.

5) The prevention of accidents makes it necessary not only that safety devices are used to guard exposed machinery but also that mechanics be instructed in safety rules which they must follow for their own protection, and that lighting in the plant be adequate.

The passage best supports the statement that industrial accidents.
a) Usually result from inadequate machinery.
b) Cannot be entirely overcome.
c) Can be eliminated with the help of safety rules.
d) Are always avoidable

a)English Language
1) Will this paper test our English? (Choose the correct passive voice construction)
a) Will our English be tested by this paper?
b) Will be our English tested by this paper?
c) Is our English being tested by this paper?
d) Is our English tested by this paper?

2) The witness gave a graphic account of the crime to the police. (Choose the correct synonym)
a) drawing
b) vivid
c) broad
d) vague

3) You read too quickly. (Choose the sentence which is closer in meaning)

a) You rather read too quickly.
b) You read rather too quickly
c) You'd rather read quickly.
d) You'd read rather quickly.

4) Books ______ the dark clouds of gloom and_____ our happiness
a) disappear, multiply
b) fight, make
c) dispel, increase
d) attack, give

5) They must start their project work immediately. Otherwise they will miss the deadline. (Use 'unless')
a) They must start their project work immediately, unless they will miss the deadline.
b) Unless they start their project work immediately, they will not miss the deadline.
c) Unless they start their project work immediately, they will miss the deadline.
d) Unless they must start their project work immediately, they will miss the deadline.

b) Basic Computer skills
1) KB stands for________
a) Kilo Bytes
b) Kilo Bits
c) Kilo Bit
d) Kilo Byte

2) 1 Mb equals to ______ number of kilo byte

a) 1000
b) 100
c) 1024
d) 500

3) What is the name of the device that contains the "brain of the computer"
a) Speaker
b) Monitor
c) CPU
d) Printer

4) When saving a photograph for use on a website, which format should you choose?
a) BMP
b) GIF
c) PEG

5) The VDU stands for_______
a) Visual Data Unit
b) Visual Divider Unit
c) Visual Display Unit
d) Visual Display Universe

bullet PEET Architecture Syllabus
bullet PEET Urban & Regional Planning Syllabus
bullet PEET Interior Design Syllabus
bullet PEET Construction Management Syllabus
bullet PEET Environmental Design Syllabus
bullet PEET Applied Art Syllabus
bullet PEET Housing & Habitat studies Syllabus
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